Hair Therapy

Heat opens the cuticle and increases
active ingredients by 15%

Before:                     After:

Cuticle closed          Cuticle open ready

before treatment.    for treatment.

  (without HTW)          ( with HTW)   

Our theory involves replicating the bodies natural way of healing. The Hair Therapy Wrap applies gentle heat for up to 20 minutes, encouraging conditioner to penetrate the hair follicles. It helps activate treatments, hot oils, or re-constructors and can also help to control a dry, flaky scalp. Simply place the Hair Therapy Wrap with the gels inside the wrap, in the microwave, for 45 seconds, let stand for 30 seconds, if more heat is needed try another 20 seconds, NO LONGER THAN 80 seconds. Apply treatment shower cap provided, then Hair Therapy Wrap.  You can use the Hair Therapy Wrap while bathing, relaxing, or around the house. The Hair Therapy Wrap is a reusable, heated hair wrap.


The Hair Therapy Wrap may be used on all hair whether it is Virgin or Chemically Processed. To protect it's natural shine, color, and overall health of your hair heat opens the cuticle allowing conditioners to penetrate deep into the inner layers of the hair and repair the shaft from the inside out. Because heat opens the cuticle, this exposes the natural moisture and oils which moisturize your hair.

Chemically treated hair has been altered from its natural chemical makeup. Processes such as breaking and sealing bonds are required in order to achieve the change in shape of the hair while perming or relaxing your hair. When you Color your hair, essentially you are opening the hair up and performing surgery by extracting the natural pigment and replacing it with artificial pigment. By altering your hair from it's natural form you are damaging it.

Tools such as a blow dryer's and flat iron's are your hair's worst nightmare sucking the natural moisture out as well as physically burning your hair.

Definition: Refers to hair that is completely unprocessed, and intact. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including: not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, chemically processed in any way.


While shampooing your hair you are washing away the natural sebum oils and bacteria which keep your scalp and hair healthy. The sebaceous glands are microscopic exocrine glands in the skin that produce an oily or waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate, moisturize and waterproof the skin and hair. The main glands are found on the face and scalp, and are also found on all parts of the skin except the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.